Squares & catering

People from Brabant are well-known for their hospitality and Burgundian lifestyle. We love eating and dining out, which is evident from the huge number of restaurants, pubs and cafés in Tilburg. The city has five areas devoted to cafés and restaurants: the Heuvel, the Korte Heuvel, the Piusplein, the Stadhuisstraat and the Old Market. Three of them are described briefly below. In Tilburg you can eat your preferred style within the limits of your budget, or make it as luxurious as you wish! If you are not familiar with Tilburg and would like to hear about the hotspots, then visit VVV Tilburg. We'd be happy to help.


The central square of the city is called the Heuvel. Streets like the Heuvelstraat, the Korte Heuvel and the Pieter Vreedeplein flow into each other through this square. The Heuvel appears modern, but has an ancient history that cannot be ignored. The parish church is a prominent building on the Heuvel. There are also several chain stores and catering establishments roundabout. In the summer outdoor events are regularly organised on the Heuvel.


The Piusplein is one of the liveliest squares in Tilburg. Many pubs and cafes with terraces are established here, and in the summer it can be difficult to find a seat! The square is also called the students' square, as the food is affordable here, and after dinner, space is made for the nightlife in the city.

Korte Heuvel

The Korte Heuvel is located just beside the Heuvel in Tilburg. In this street there are 20 lively pubs, places of entertainment and restaurants. The atmosphere in this street is always positive, especially in the summer when the terraces are completely full. The Korte Heuvel is also known as "The tastiest and most fun street in Tilburg". On the way to a concert or event in Poppodium 013? Then the Korte Heuvel is the ideal stopping place for a bite to eat or a drink either beforehand or afterwards.