Fotografie Maurice van den BoschPhotography: Maurice van den Bosch

St. Joseph church (Heuvelse church)

The most striking building in the city centre is the St. Joseph church, also called the Heuvelkerk. This is a real downtown church, located on the busy Heuvel Square, right in the centre. In the Heuvelkerk you can find a spacious area of peace and quiet, to escape temporarily from the busyness of urban life. It was built in the 18th century, and designed by H.J. Van Tulder. Unique details of this church include the Neo-Gothic altarpiece made of wood and the turret clock.

St. Dionysius church

The St. Dionysius church, also called the Heikesekerk, was built in the 18th century. It is special because of its marbled high altar (originally from the Burcht church in Antwerp) and a nave in Neo-Gothic style, which is the oldest part of the church. This church is the oldest Neo-Gothic Catholic church building in the Netherlands. It symbolises binding, the connection to the city with a view to its development.

Hasseltse chapel (Maria chapel)

Around 1500 a Maria chapel was built, which is known today as the Hasseltse chapel. It lies nestled between new and old buildings, surrounded by a square like an island with the chapel as the highest point in the middle. The chapel is the only Middle Ages edifice in Tilburg. The large bronze clock in the tower is characteristic of that period. The engraving on the clock states, "Maria is mijnen naem, Jasper Moer maeckten mij int jaer ons Heeren MCCCCCXXXVI" [Maria is my name, I was constructed by Jasper Moer in the year of our Lord 1536].

The chapel is still a favourite place among the residents of Tilburg and tourists. People regularly drop in to light a candle and enjoy a moment of stillness to contemplate life. In the month of May, also called Maria month, you can enjoy hundreds of different kinds of sweets sold in stalls arranged around the chapel. Both young and old come to sample sweets and visit the church.