Walks and bicycling

VVV Tilburg offers different active walking and bicycling routes, some with a particular theme. There are literally hundreds of bicycle paths and intersections in the region around Tilburg. VVV Tilburg has a wide range of printed bicycle routes in its shop. Would you like to know which one would be best for you? Ask one of our staff for advice about the loveliest routes through Brabant and the surrounding region. A list of all active and theme-oriented walks available from VVV Tilburg is given below:

City centre walk
(5 km)

There is no better way to explore Tilburg than a walk through the city. The City centre walk brings you past the extraordinary, beautiful, historical and characteristic places in Tilburg. You'll be surprised by the combination of culture, nature and history available in the city centre. Along the route there are many places to stop for food and drink.

Short art tour
(2 km)

This walk leads you to buildings and streets you would normally just walk past. You will encounter all sorts of things to do with art during this walk. Keep your eyes peeled for the answers to your questions. How much do you know about art?

Wine route
(2 km)

Tilburg has a rich history linked to wine. Several distinctive buildings reflect the wine industry that partly originated in Tilburg. You will get to know everything about the firms that used to be in Tilburg and what role they played in the history of Tilburg wine.

O.L. Vrouw van Koningshoeve
(about 10 km)

The O.L. Vrouw van Koningshoeve walk brings you to the sanctuary of Peerke Donders. It is located at the edge of the city in natural surroundings. During the walk you come across interesting suburbs like Goirke and various imposing buildings.

The mystery of Tilburg

Think you know everything about Tilburg? That you know its history by heart? Or are you just curious to explore? Then the Mystery of Tilburg offers you a real quest! Along the way you have to solve 21 riddles and search for the correct answers. Can you find your way among unknown signs, secretive symbols and images?

(1.5 km)

The Nieuwlandstraat contains many small, creative and striking shops with a highly varied range of goods. Charming buildings in the style of 1900 are common here. During the walk, you will be struck by the contrast between tall and low buildings and the rich decoration and specific elements gracing the facades.

Vincent van Gogh

(1.5 km)

From 1866 to 1868 the young Vincent van Gogh lived in the St. Annaplein in Tilburg, and he had his first drawing lessons in those two years. The former palace of King Willem II is now Vincents Tekenlokaal [drawing studio]. You can learn to draw there or discover all about Vincent's first drawing lessons. The walk takes you past various buildings/streets associated with the artist's life.

Art and monuments route

Practically everyone today has a mobile phone, but did you know that you can look at our Art and monuments route on your phone? Anytime you want to look up something about the rich history of Tilburg monuments, artworks in public spaces and so much more, you can check it simply and quickly via your phone. Download first a QR Reader from the Google Playstore, OVI Store or AppStore.

QR codes
Using Quick Response codes - or QR codes - you can find information about an artwork or monument. You simply scan the QR code with your phone using the "barcode". The code directs you to a page containing the required information. The bar code is found on or near the artwork or monument.

With the following links, you can satisfy your curiosity about artworks and monuments.

Set off with Augmented Reality
With Augmented Reality using GPS and internet, you can obtain an overview of objects in your surroundings that are included in the art and monuments route. You also receive a route description based on your current location. AR is suitable for Android phones and iPhones. To use it, you have to download Layar first from the Google Playstore, OVI Store or AppStore.