Parking in Tilburg


Parking garages

You can find lots of parking garages in and near the city center in Tilburg. Digital signs along the road show if there are any available spots in the parking garages. Motorcycles are not allowed in every parking garage, visit the specific parking garage’s website for more information. Scooters and mopeds can park in the parking garage 013/Tivoli.

You can also find a lot of parking spots on the side of the road and in regular streets. You should pay attention to the road signs, to see if there are any restrictions. You can pay at special ticket machines located on the sidewalk nearby or you can use the app Parkmobile. The rate you pay depends on your location.

Dissabilities parking card

People with disabilities can apply for a special European parking card at the local township. With this card you can park your car in disabled parking spots and in locations with parking restrictions. The card is valid for 5 years, within every country of Europe.

Parking for bikes

There are several locations in the center of Tilburg where you can park your bike. The main locations are: De Heuvel, Stadshuisplein, Pieter Vreedeplein, Schouwburgring and the Central Station. Most of the biking garages are free of charge. Please remember to lock your bike at all times, even at these guarded garages. Incorrectly bikes will be removed, so make sure you park it properly! Check out the Tilburg local township website for more information and accurate opening hours.  

Public transport

Tilburg is easily accessible by public transport and the public transport in the city center itself is very well organized. 

Tilburg has three different train stations. There’s the central station in the city center, there’s Tilburg Reeshof and Tilburg Universiteit (near Tilburg University).

Tilburg has an extensive bus network. You can find every route and bus stop on the Arriva website. You can find detailed information about the bus rates and time schedules.

Local community bus
The local community bus can transport a maximum of 8 people at a time. It provides an one-hour service at set times, along a set route. All tickets and subscriptions can be used in the local community bus.

Public transport chip card
You can travel with a personal or anonymous public transport chip card. If you don’t own a chip card, you can buy an e-ticket online. You can buy e-tickets on the website of the carrier you are traveling with.