The Living Museum Tilburg

The Living Museum is an outsider art programme aimed at people who haven't had the easiest life. For example, people with addiction, psychiatric problems or problems with homelesness. 

The Living Museum has created a place where people can meet each other, make art together and to share it. Let yourself be inspired and share your talents with the world. Everyone is welcome to express themselves at this museum, to discover, to develop and to work on one's recovery. Take your vulnerability and change this into one of your strengths. Everyone deserves a podium.

What is outsider art?

Outsider art encompasses authentic artworks created by special artistic talents, who know how to listen to the voice inside them. Artists who don't look at what has already been created or who have studied at an art school, but those swho refuse to abide by the tradition art world and their preset boxes. Some of them have struggled, or are struggling, with psychic problems, homelesness or who have been in an institution or prison.


You do not have to register with The Living Museum and participation is free of charge. Do remember that this is not a substition for professional care. The Living Museum prioritises meeting each toher, inspiring one another and work on (mental) recovery. You have a chance to meet other artists every wednesday evening. Please take a look on their  Facebook page for more information on these evenings.

The Living Museum foundation

The Living Museum is run by volunteers and experienced employees. The museum can operate thanks to donations, sponsoring and crowdfunding. They also sell art and rent out space for artists.

Check out their website for more information.


The Living Museum Tilburg


Enschotsestraat 250-01
5014 DL - Tilburg

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00-15:00
Tuesday 10:00-15:00
Wednesday 14:00-22:00
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 10:00-13:00
Sunday Closed

+31 6 14230939