Looking for relaxation? Then look no further! The Piusharbour is close to the city centre of Tilburg. An excellent location perfect for fun and engaging summer activities. The quay, water and pier are a '' live podium" hosting all kinds of events and activities. Enjoy a nice dinner, rent a boat or enjoy nature, the Piusharbour has it all!

Eating, drinking and shopping.

At the Piusharbour you can enjoy one of the most peaceful and tranquil places of Tilburg. There are plenty of restaurants which makes the harbour the perfect place for a delicious lunch or dinner, or just enjoying a drink at the water's edge.

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Life and living.

At first the Piusharbour was an area marked with decay but in recent years this area has flourished. This area is marked by the ultimate collaboration between living, working and recreation. During the entire year you can find historical boats moored inside the harbour which people continue to utilise as their homes.

The Piusharbour provides a connection to a beautiful landscaping park just outside the city called; Moerenburg. At this moment apartments are being build near the harbour and the area is getting more popular by the day.


This landscaping park lies just outside the city between the Wilhelmina channel, railway between Tilburg and Boxtel, Burgemeester Bechtstreet and a motorway. This area is perfect for enjoying a nice hike or cycling route. The area is known for its lush meadows, big trees, ponds, and agricultural areas maintained by historical farmhouses.

Museum harbour

An open air museum has been developed in the Southeast of the harbour since 2004. In this part of the harbour only monumental ships may dock. You can enjoy these beautiful ships all year round.


Furthermore, the Piusharbour is also the place to be to enjoy some relaxation and recreation. Whether you like enjoying a bite to eat or something to drink at the water's edge or rent a boat, the Piusharbour can cater to all.




5017 AN Tilburg

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