Landschap Huis ter Heide

Huis ter Moorland is a highly variegated nature reserve, with lots of moorland and pools, profusely green fields and mixed woods. Stand eye to eye with Scottish Highlanders, birds of the reeds and water, songbirds or deer. The rural estate Huis ter Moorland lies northwest of Tilburg between the villages De Moer and Loon op Zand. This nature reserve is perfect for a long walk or cycle ride. Various walking routes have been marked by Natuurmonumenten. If you follow the green route, then you can enjoy the view from the wooden walkway.

Why visit Huis ter Moorland? That's why!

  • Have you ever seen a carnivorous plant? The spoonleaf sundew grows near pools in this region!
  • On the moorland there is a former hunting lodge from 1864
  • The moor frog turns blue in the spring
  • Marsh gentian is a rare plant found on the moorland

Landschap Huis ter Heide


Middelstraat 1
5176 NH De Moer

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  • Child-friendly
  • Groups welcome
  • Parking available