Landgoed de Utrecht

Landgoed de Utrecht is largely accessible from different walk and cycle routes. These routes form part of the junctions network. The variation between grasslands and woods creates a changing landscape. From the inn In Den Bockenreyder, a nature & wheelchair path has been laid out. The route is about 2 km long and runs along the wet moorland De Flaes. At the end of this nature & wheelchair path stands the 24m-high tower "Flaestoren".

Why visit the Landgoed de Utrecht? That's why!

  • 1,600 hectares of woods
  • Did you hear an unusual sound, like a rattling frog? That might be the Nightjar.
  • Bog myrtle thickets are found here
  • Woods with streams and valleys

Landgoed de Utrecht


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  • Child-friendly
  • Groups welcome
  • Parking available