Kessels Museum

From 1886 until 1995 Kessels was an innovative factory that produced musical instruments in Tilburg. By visiting you are now able to discover the history of the famous ‘Kessels’ factory in a surprising way.

Kessels was a factory with international fame and a big scope. They produced over half a million instruments. Mainly brass and woodwind instruments but also percussion and string instruments such as pianos, pianolas, and harmoniums. Kessels also manufactured specific items like chimes and stands for banners for fanfares and brass bands, both Dutch and international. There was also a large music print shop and a sheet music publisher housed on the grounds.

What is Kessels?
'Kessels' showcases both the history and the musical instruments of the famous Kessels factory. The production process, diversity and use of the instruments are shown in an authentic manner. A visit to 'Kessels' is an experience for young and old alike.

The instruments of Kessels are still played by amateurs as well as professional musicians. Founder Mathieu Kessels was a passionate and progressive entrepreneur, composer, organizer and stimulator of the musical life.

Are you also a music lover? Come by on Wednesday- or Friday mornings from 09:00 to 12:00 or make an appointment on one of the other days to have a look!




Stationsstraat 26
5038 ED Tilburg

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