Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Het Zuidelijk Toneel is the largest theater company in Noord-Brabant. Artistic director/general director Matthijs Rümke, together with the theater makers Leen Braspenning, Marcel Osterop and Lucas De Man, forms the artistic core of the company. Het Zuidelijk Toneel plays performances throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, with special attention to the province of Noord-Brabant.

Theater makers connect to a city in Brabant
Het Zuidelijk toneel wants to clearly represent theater in its own region; Brabant. That's why the company has three talented theater writers, Leen Braspenning, Marcel Osterop and Lucas De Man, for four years connected to a Brabant city, Tilburg, Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch. The writers are inspired by what lives and brews in these cities, and from there the need to make theater pieces arises. They do this in cooperation with organizations, institutions, companies and residents of the city. Later on, these productions can also go on a national tour.

A house full of writers
Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a house full of writers/makers. A house in the middle of society that strives to take part in the public debate. One of their missions is to create a connection between the community and the artist. All four of the writers are searching for this connection in their own way. The community is not only the audience that is watching the show, but it can also be a sounding board or a fellow player. The writers are using all their creative talents to translate the community to a bigger, more abstract thing and translate the whole meaning of the artwork. Usually this is a performance, but it can also be an educational project, a performance or for example an exposition. 

Building bridges and offering deepening
Het zuidelijk Toneel is building bridges between the society, politics, business life, stages and audience byjoining existing initiatives initiating joint projects. The 3 writers of the Brabant cities are commited to education- and talent development projects, but also because they use large groups of amateur players and extras with perfromances in large halls. In this way Het Zuidelijk Toneel plays a connecting role between society, etc. 

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Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Ringbaan Oost 18-15
5013 CA Tilburg

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