De Regte Heide

From De Regte Heide you can look directly at the skyline of Tilburg. It is far away, of course, because nature is prominent in this landscape of heather, pine trees and birch. In De Regte Heide the ground rises by 5 metres, which is unusual for Brabant. This difference in height is due to the valleys of streams, the transition from the moorland to the valley is namely intact over a length of 3 km. The landscape extends over an area of 849 hectares and harbours many rare flora and fauna.

Why visit De Regte Heide? That's why!

  • Bronze Age burial mounds
  • One of the rare locations of the host plant of the Alcon Blue butterfly: marsh gentian
  • Suitable for long family walks because of the alternating cultural history and natural sights
  • Alcon Blue butterflies flutter all around

De Regte Heide


Ten zuiden van Tilburg

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  • Groups welcome
  • Parking available