De Brand

To the north of Tilburg lies De Brand, a wet forest combined with flower-filled meadows, where you can hear tree frogs croak. This nature reserve is home to 8 species of amphibians, and 50 pools have been dug, each with their own characteristics. Toads, frogs and salamanders are fussy creatures, one wants a large but shallow pool, another prefers small and deep. The pools must not be allowed to close up, so they are regularly maintained. There are also many unusual plants (wood anemone, wood horsetail), butterflies (the White Admiral, Purple Emperor) and birds (golden oriole, middle spotted woodpecker). De Brand is a nature reserve for the real connoisseur.

Why visit De Brand? That's why!

  • Suitable nature reserve for excursions
  • Specially for mosquito-resistant nature lovers
  • Pull your boots on and set off
  • 482 hectares of nature pleasure

De Brand


Tilburg - Haaren

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  • Child-friendly
  • Parking available