013 Poppodium

Tilburg is also known as the 'Dance city of the south' and is a city full of musical talent. With the Rockacademie, musical conservatory, and dance and theatre schools, Tilburg needs a lot of stages. Luckily, Tilburg has both large and small venues, which are suitable not only for the city's local talent, but also for national and international stars. 

013 is the largest popular venue in the Netherlands, situated in the heart of Tilburg. Live concerts, dance and club evenings, non-pop programming and so much more can be experienced at this venue. In the Main and the Jupiler halls both large and small events are organised, with every wish of the modern concert visitor being catered for. 013 is really eyecatching, with hundreds of CDs decorating its facade.

The sound of concerts inside the building can be loud, and may damage your hearing. Always take earplugs with you just in case! If you forget them or don't own any, don't worry, they are for sale in 013. Look for the dispensers on the wall, you can't miss them.

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013 Poppodium


Veemarktstraat 44
5038 CV Tilburg

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  • Direct debit facility
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Parking available