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Spoorzone Tilburg

Spoorzone Tilburg

Something really exciting and extraordinary is happening in this area. The Spoorzone was once a working place from NS (Dutch Railways) and is now transformed into a new district of Tilburg. Since the gates are removed at the former NS working place, Tilburg discovered and embraced this new area. 

It all started with pioneering and exploring this area what slowly turned into thoroughly developing and making amazing plans for the Spoorzone. It was a great success; a lot of people moved here and started working in the area. The local township, VolkerWessels, entrepreneurs and other parties invested a lot of money in the Spoorzone and it shows! From the beginning they had confidence in the Spoorzone becoming a hotspot in Tilburg. In this area, where history goes way back, Tilburg is making history once again.

The old NS train renovation place is formed into a new and innovating hangout spot of Tilburg. Even other cities come to this area to get their inspiration! It does not matter if you are looking for a good cup of coffee, going out for a nice dinner or checking out one of the biggest rooftop bars of the Benelux; you can do it all in the Spoorzone! You can find the award winning Lochal in this area, that has one of the best libraries worldwide and attracts people from everywhere. You can even find kids activities in the Spoorzone, like skateboarding, breakdancing or being an inventor for one day. Then last but definitely not least, Spoorpark. This is a big city park with a lot of nature and a perfect place to fully relax. 

At VVV Tilburg we sell a ‘Binnenstadswandeling’ (city center walk) and part of this amazing walking route takes you through Spoorzone. We also have a folder that gives you extended information about Spoorzone. If you really want to learn about all the ins and outs, you can book a guide through Stadsgidserij.