Uitjes in Tilburg

Characteristics of Tilburg

Characteristics of Tilburg

Tilburg is known for its astonishing and unique character. Tilburg has a rich history and is buzzing with modern development, but what really does characterizes Tilburg?

King William II and Vincent van Gogh are renowned names in Dutch history. Besides that, textile industry played an important role in the development of Tilburg and made Tilburg what it is now. You may have heard of ‘De Kruikezeiker’, what is a pehonomenon in Tilburg, especially during Carnival. During Carnival Schrobbeler is a very popular alcoholic drink, that has its origin in Tilburg. Are you curious about how Schrobbeler is made? You can book a tour with the Schrobbeler brewery and join their spectacular tour.

Would you like to explore and discover ‘De Spoorzone’ in Tilburg? A good option for you to get to know this area very well is ‘Spoorzone reis met Peer & Geer’. If you want to know more about what Tilburg has to offer, you should have a look at ‘Ontmoetingsreis in Tilburg’ and let yourself be amazed by the beauty of Tilburg.

Beer brewery ‘De Koningshoeven’ is one of a few breweries in the world, which is certified to label ‘Authentic Trappist Product’. You can visit this La Trappe brewery and book a tour through the brewery and monastery. During the tour you can get a sample of their artisanal beer and ty it for yourself at an unique location near Tilburg.

Another fun option is to discover Tilburg by electric bike! Nr1Solexverhuur is the right address for this activity.

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